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Who thought reading comic books would lead to this?

My earliest memories place a pencil in my hand, drawing the forms of my favorite characters jumping, swinging, and lifting trucks. But that was only the beginning of my love of the art world. My attentions soon turned to the same history and mythos comic book creators had been inspired by, and at age eight I could name every deity of the Norse and Greek pantheons.

I am traditionally trained in the use of pencil and pen, brush and canvas, and continue to use them every day. I constantly stretch my wings to push my knowledge of art. You will never find me far from my sketchbook.

And then along came computers.

I often question what I ever did without the computer. Now I can transfer drawn, inked, or painted pictures into a digital media and push them in ways I could not before. Bitmap and vector programs both have their own appeal and I keep myself versed in both.

Chris Pallace Productions is my illustration business, offering creative and artistic skills for a number of applications. Whether you need graphic design, logos, character design, illustration, or even 3 dimensional sculpture, I can help.

Past projects include original artwork, game design, printed promotional materials, murals, and fiberglass statues. I have produced my own card game with international distribution, and been commissioned by the city of Rochester to create an entry piece for Charlotte harbor.

Please feel free to drop me a line. All questions, problems, comments, or kudos are always welcome.

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